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Default Assistance

What is Default?

The inability to pay monthly mortgage payments in a timely manner is the 1st step to being in DEFAULT.

Failure to meet the obligation of making your mortgage payment, property taxes, and/or hazard insurance is a breach of your contract.

If you are in default for an extended amount of time you will eventually go into foreclosure.

What is Foreclosure? What do I do?

One of the very first steps of the foreclosure process is the recording of a Notice of Default or NOD. The NOD is recorded against the property in the same manner as a lien or mortgage.  Usually after three missed payments a notice of default (NOD) is issued.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of receiving a Notice of Default from your lender, do not hold off in dealing with the problem, even if you cannot afford to bring payments up to term. You need to immediately contact your lender to work out a solution. If your financial problem is temporary, most lenders can work out a plan to keep from foreclosure. If you and your lender cannot come to terms, it is time to contact a professional like Kris Huber and his team to help you with your difficult real estate needs.

Kris and his team have built relationships with most Banks and Lenders across the United States.  Lenders are not in the business of home acquisition, it is a large expense for the lender to put your home up for auction. For this reason most lenders will work with us to keep you out of foreclosure.

Time is of the essence.  The longer a person waits, the more damage that will occur, and mitigating the damage to your credit for the future is important.  Give Kris Huber a call at (253) 661-5270 or e-mail him at kris@hubershomes.com.