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REO & Lender Services

Kris Huber has been helping clients for over a decade with their residential and commercial real estate needs. Through his relationships with his clients, banks, lenders, investors, and servicing companies have seen his capabilities and have hired him on as a REO Agent to handle their foreclosed, repossessed, and corporate owned properties.

Kris Huber and his team know that time is of the essence when it comes to properties which have been foreclosed, become REO, and/or Corporate Owned. Depending on the needs of the client, Kris Huber is ready to implement all following steps to make sure the client losses are mitigated:

1. Occupancy Status and Property Securing: Within the 1st 24 hours, property will be visited to determine if the property is being occupied. If the property is occupied, per clients request an eviction, cash-for-keys program, or what the client feels should be implemented. If the property is vacant, property will be secured, a lockbox will be installed in a safe and secure site and any further actions the client request will be completed.

2. Maintenance & Making Presentable: Photos of the subject property will be taken and sent with a Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO) explaining what up keeping may be recommended, any safety concerns which need to be addressed immediately, and cleaning up any trash from the previous owners/tenants. Once an authorization for work has been received, contracted employees will begin their work.

3. Billing: Per the request of the client, bills will be paid by Kris Huber or placed in the client’s name. Recurring monthly bill’s such as gardening and utilities will be paid and reimbursements requests will be submitted as client’s policy and procedures state.

4. Listing the Property: To begin the listing of the property, a Broker Price Opinion will be completed explaining the market conditions in the neighborhood, finding active and sold comparables that match the subject property, photos of the comparables, provide pictures of the interior/exterior of subject property, a detailed report of the condition of the subject property, a marketing sales plan, explanation of any local and/or state mandatory repairs or disclosures that are needed to be completed.

5. Receiving Offers: Offers will presented as instructed by the client. Buyer’s will be required to submit documentation with pre-approval letter’s, proof of funds, and any other documentation that would be required for the subject property.

6. Post Closing: Once escrow has closed, all final invoices will be submitted and paperwork required for clients internal documents will be settled.

Cash for Keys Evictions
Effectively negotiate with current occupants to vacate property. Current success rate over 95%. CFKs in under two weeks. If necessary, work with local authorities to evict present occupants, and secure any personal property remaining.
Trash Out Property Presentation
Dispose of any remaining debris and or hazardous waste left at property and dispose in accordance within local guidelines. Secure all entry points including entry doors & windows, craw access, boarding of any broken windows. At appropriate time of year winterize.
Yard Maintenance Comprehensive BPOs
First impressions count! Maintaining the yard and exterior of a home attracts potential purchasers and helps us get you top dollar. Markets are ever changing. Monthly BPOs keep you up to date on current conditions.